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  • Double Clip Holster

    • Premium cowhide leather,
    • Dual metal clips keep the holster attached to your belt or pants,
    • Ensures the gun is stable when drawing,
    • A flat and compact design, great concealed carry holster.

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  • Laether Slide Holster With Clip FRD

    • Premium cowhide leather,
    • Highly concealable,
    • Fully Ambidextrous,
    • Carries the pistol either between the belt and pants , or at the belt,
    • Fast and smooth on the draw, while belt pressure keeps the pistol very secure,
    • Fits all popular small-meduim-large frame semi autos and 2-4 inch double action revolvers,
    • Back side belt loops fit 1.5” wide belts,
    • Tan or black.

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  • Leather IWB Holster Comfort Tab

    • Genuine leather concealment holster, great concealed carry,
    • Raise back provides enhanced protection helps keep gun from rubbing on body,
    • Tempered spring steel clip,
    • Clip onto pants or belt, worn inside the waist on the right side for right hand draw.


    Cristofori, January 25, 2017, Amazon

    I purchased this holster for use with my Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 and it fit as expected. The leather work is not top notch quality but then again neither is my Taurus, so they deserve each other.

    David Sherman, January 26, 2017, Amazon

    Works great.

    scott owens, May 8, 2016, Amazon

    Excellent product. Fits gun model perfectly.

    rand, December 1, 2015, Amazon

    This holster is awesome. Fits really good on my waist

    Kelly Watts, August 20, 2016, Amazon

    Fits gun perfectly fit body awesomely

    DAN DEATON, July 19, 2016, Amazon

    Great quality holster at a decent price. Fits both my Taurus 24/7 G2 and my Ruger 9E, not at the same time of course. Love the feel of leather.

    CJ99, October 6, 2016, Amazon

    Fits Glock 27 nicely and doesn't rub on skin.

    david graven, January 16, 2016, Amazon

    It fits nice. I'm a big guy and this holster does not bother me at all to wear. Also very hard to tell im armed. Way i like it.

    Amazon Customer, May 9, 2016, Amazon

    I was looking for a well made iwb leather holster for my pt 140 and this is exactly what I was looking for. Good quality leather, comfortable and well made!

    Megan Gerritsen, December 8, 2015, Amazon

    Holster works and fits perfect. Gun slides in and out of it perfectly . Very impressed with the quality. Clip holds to the belt very nicely and will not let go. Comfortable holster to wear all day. Best Bang for you buck for quality and comfort

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  • Leather IWB Holster Reinforced Mouth

    • Genuine leather concealment holster, great concealed carry,
    • Can be worn as a right hand inside the pants holster or as a left hand middle/small of the back inside the pants holster,
    • Tempered spring steel clip,
    • Reinforced mouth opening for ease of reholstering,
    • Combat & cutaway grip for easy draw.


    Moon6469, November 16, 2017, Optics Planet

    The holster is one of the best made, with gun fit, looks and feel great! 

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  • Suede IWB Holster

    • Genuine suede leather,
    • Steel clip,
    • Leather belt loop at the back of the holster for using as a belt holster up to 1.5”,
    • Ultra lightweight.


    Duane S., January 23, 2016

    This is a great holster. The quality of construction and materials are great. The belt clip is steel and feels very solid. The only drawback for me is the retention strap has a gap at the front. It’s as if it was designed to be carried in condition 3.

    Jeremy, January 3, 2013, Amazon

    When it first arived my full sized SR1911 would not fit all the way in, so i wetted the leather and forced mt crossman 1911 bb gun in to it and let it dry. Now it fits perfectly, a very comfortable rig to wear. If you carry a full sized or comander sized 1911 I suggest you get one.

    NEPrepper, February 13, 2016, Amazon

    Inexpensive and efficient does the job I like it

    Leon Mulder, August 14, 2014, 2016, Amazon

    fits my Glock 17 gen4 like a glove. like the warning on the packet states. the leather tend to stretch -tight to begin with, will conform to shape after a day or two. have been using the holster for months, solid construction (I think the holster will last for years to come)!

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  • Learther IWB Holster

    • Engineered for deep concealment requirements,
    • Top grain cowhide leather,
    • Two way use with the belt loop and steel clip, inside the pants tor outside,
    • Reinforced thumb break, snap closure,
    • Hand-molded for perfect fit to specific semi-automatic
    handguns and double action revolvers.


    Wildcatcath, April 7, 2018, Optics Planet

    This IWB holster is sturdy. It was very stiff when I received it, after about a week it started to form to the firearm and when wearing the holster it stays in place. I like this holster much better than the nylon one i had before which, held a extra magazine this leather holster does not but,i wish it did. I would recommend this holster to anyone. I love it and will probably buy other holsters in different styles and colors in the future.

    Frankinshine, December 30, 2016, Optics Planet

    This holster is better than I expected! i watched the video to break in leather holsters and treated it just as they said and they were right on the money. Fits Perfectly!!

    Bob M., April 11, 2015, Amazon

    Outstanding holster. It was a tight fit at first, but the holster fits my Taurus like a glove ~ right in the center of the small of my back above my wallet…perfect. The leather is so much better than I expected; I recently had a custom holster made for an HK, the leather was comparable…but its cost was significantly higher, just over $100.

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  • Nylon Slide Holster w/o Clip

    • Cordura® Nylon,
    • Fully ambidextrous,
    • Fully adjustable and removable thumb beark,
    • The open-muzzle design is the favorite of those who own multiple barrel lengths of the same handgun model,
    • Fits all popular small-medium-large frame semi autos and 2-4” double action revolvers.

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  • Leather Slide Holster With Clip SRM

    • A best seller,
    • Top grain leather,
    • Fully ambidextrous,
    • Steel clip highly concealable,
    • Carries the pistol either between the belt and pants, or at the belt,
    • This open-top holster is fast and smooth on the draw, while belt pressure keeps the pistol very secure,
    • The open-muzzle design is a favorite of those who own multiple barrel lengths of the same handgun model,
    • Fits all popular small-medium-large frame semi autos and 2-4 inch double action revolvers.
    • Back side belt loops fit 1,5” wide belts.

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  • Nylon IWB Holster Body Shield

    • Great all purpose carry holster, generates a very low profile, perfect choice for concealed carry inside the waist band.
    • Cordura® Nylon,
    • Tempered Spring Steel Belt Clip and Belt Loop for belt carry,
    • Body Shield – Sweat Shield keeps Gun off of the body for a comfortable carry and helps protect gun from body oils,
    • Multi-use, on the belt or inside the waistband,
    • Waterproof Closed Cell Foam padding and Moisture Barrier,
    • Thumb Snap.


    Yee-Haa, June 11, 2015, Amazon

    Purchased this specifically for the LC9s Pro. Upon arrival the holster seemed to be too small. I could force the pistol into the holster but it took a bit of effort. I have now left the pistol inserted for several days and the fit is perfect. Still snug (that’s a good thing) but it is now a customized fit. This item also has a retention strap which I normally would not like but this one has changed my mind about the straps. Very well constructed and has the Tab to help keep the grip away from skin and clothing. Well done! I’ll be looking for additional holsters made by these folks.

    tablet AT, November 27, 2017, Amazon

    LOVE this holster!!! Great that it protects my gun from sweat, etc. Great, slim fit on it too

    HD, January 4, 2015, Amazon

    Good product, nylon and comfortable. Inside waistband usage. Comfortable. my other holster was cloth and always shed black lint on my weapon. this is much better

    Tony Kimbrell, June 10, 2014, 2016, Amazon

    Very well made , fits the Walther p 22 short barrel like a glove , a tight glove . Great buy

    kennyl70, December 9, 2013, Amazon

    Great holster. Bought this for my daughters walther p22 and the fit and look is great. Full body coverage to protect the gun and oils from ur skin contacting the gun. will by another when a new gun enters the home.

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  • Nylon IWB Holster Thumb Break NTS

    • Cordura® Nylon material,
    • Reinforced thumb break,
    • The open-muzzle design is a favorite of those who own multiple barrel
    lenghts of the same handgun model,
    • Fits all popular small-medium-large frame semi-autos and 2-4 inch double action revolvers,
    • Back side belt loops fit 1,5”wide belts.
    • Hidden belt loops,
    • Open muzzle design,
    • Precision molded for specific gun frames,
    • Fits belts up to 13/4” wide.


    Joseph Jarboe, February 8, 2014, Amazon

    Have had this for over a year now and has been a truly amazing holster. I carry every day an while the firearm is not great for conceal carry, its freakin amazing. Surprised at how well this has held up considering I’m not gentle on things. IF this holster ever does fail me, I will buy the same one to replace it. Great value for the money!

    Philmore Ricketts, September 30, 2015, Amazon

    Very good product.. Works as described- Will surely recommend and buy again

    Dr.4X, March 5, 2016, Amazon

    Fits my Glock like a glove also fits my moms S&W SD9, it’s exactly what a holster should be guards the trigger has retention so someone can’t just snatch the gun and the thumb break is in the perfect spot so the person wearing the holster can draw quickly , it can be worn in a variety of ways, the shape lets you get a full grip on the pistol while it’s still in the holster, and its made of very durable materials. top quality product. excellent value for money.

    Amazon Customer, May 14, 2017, 2016, Amazon

    Fits my Glock 19 like a glove. With the Gen4 medium beaver tail backstrap on, the thumb break sits a little high and tight but it is still easy to access & snaps at just the right amount of pressure. The clip isn’t very strong; during some retention drills it wasn’t too difficult to pull the whole holster off my belt & pants. This holster will need a quality belt or upgraded clip to stay put in a gun grab. It also has a tendency to cant a bit towards the bottom of the mag. This may not be an issue with smaller mag firearms. I can activate the mag release with the thumb break on.

    Terry, February 9, 2015, Amazon

    Exactly what I wanted. Conceals easily with the option of open carry.

    Thomas Ray Sanders Jr., September 25, 2014, Amazon

    This holster is GREAT! It does ride a little bit high like one of the other reviews mentioned. But it secures the weapon very well with the thumb break, and you still get a full solid grip on the gun when you draw it. I’ve had a lot of holsters over the years, but I always preferred nylon because there isn’t as much wear on the gun as there is with leather or kydex. This is easily the best I’ve ever owned and I plan on carrying my Glock 19 in it daily. I also love the fact that it can be carried inside the waistband as well as outside at the 4 o clock. Arrived in less than a week. Well worth it.

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  • Nylon IWB Holster CSR

    • Cordura® Nylon material,
    • Tempered Spring Steel Belt Clip,
    • Very comfortable for concealed carry, great concealment holster,
    • Waterproof Closed Cell Foam padding and Moisture Barrier,
    • Right hand side inside the pants or left hand small of the
    back iwb or vice versa.


    P. D. Davidson, October 4, 2017, Amazon

    Great little holster. I almost forget that I’m wearing it.

    Anthony Stephen, February 21, 2016, Amazon

    Love it!!

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