Leather IWB Holster Comfort Tab

• Genuine leather concealment holster, great concealed carry,
• Raise back provides enhanced protection helps keep gun from rubbing on body,
• Tempered spring steel clip,
• Clip onto pants or belt, worn inside the waist on the right side for right hand draw.


Cristofori, January 25, 2017, Amazon

I purchased this holster for use with my Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 and it fit as expected. The leather work is not top notch quality but then again neither is my Taurus, so they deserve each other.

David Sherman, January 26, 2017, Amazon

Works great.

scott owens, May 8, 2016, Amazon

Excellent product. Fits gun model perfectly.

rand, December 1, 2015, Amazon

This holster is awesome. Fits really good on my waist

Kelly Watts, August 20, 2016, Amazon

Fits gun perfectly fit body awesomely

DAN DEATON, July 19, 2016, Amazon

Great quality holster at a decent price. Fits both my Taurus 24/7 G2 and my Ruger 9E, not at the same time of course. Love the feel of leather.

CJ99, October 6, 2016, Amazon

Fits Glock 27 nicely and doesn't rub on skin.

david graven, January 16, 2016, Amazon

It fits nice. I'm a big guy and this holster does not bother me at all to wear. Also very hard to tell im armed. Way i like it.

Amazon Customer, May 9, 2016, Amazon

I was looking for a well made iwb leather holster for my pt 140 and this is exactly what I was looking for. Good quality leather, comfortable and well made!

Megan Gerritsen, December 8, 2015, Amazon

Holster works and fits perfect. Gun slides in and out of it perfectly . Very impressed with the quality. Clip holds to the belt very nicely and will not let go. Comfortable holster to wear all day. Best Bang for you buck for quality and comfort

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