Suede IWB Holster

• Genuine suede leather,
• Steel clip,
• Leather belt loop at the back of the holster for using as a belt holster up to 1.5”,
• Ultra lightweight.


Duane S., January 23, 2016

This is a great holster. The quality of construction and materials are great. The belt clip is steel and feels very solid. The only drawback for me is the retention strap has a gap at the front. It’s as if it was designed to be carried in condition 3.

Jeremy, January 3, 2013, Amazon

When it first arived my full sized SR1911 would not fit all the way in, so i wetted the leather and forced mt crossman 1911 bb gun in to it and let it dry. Now it fits perfectly, a very comfortable rig to wear. If you carry a full sized or comander sized 1911 I suggest you get one.

NEPrepper, February 13, 2016, Amazon

Inexpensive and efficient does the job I like it

Leon Mulder, August 14, 2014, 2016, Amazon

fits my Glock 17 gen4 like a glove. like the warning on the packet states. the leather tend to stretch -tight to begin with, will conform to shape after a day or two. have been using the holster for months, solid construction (I think the holster will last for years to come)!

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