Horizontal Shoulder Holster Leather Harness LHS

• A great shoulder holster system with leather harness,
• Hand molded for specific handgun frames for perfect fit,
• Premium cowhide leather,
• Reinforced thumb break,
• Includes holster, harness and the double magazine case,
• Fully adjustable tension screws,
• Made for semi-auto pistols,
• Tan or black.


Ricardo Barahona, March 12, 2016

Very Nice And for the price why pay more I may buy another just because of the handcraft and the quality put into that transfer to me the costumer on a very vey nice price compare to many other that talk to much but keep price so high like Galco Bianchi and many others Thank you CEBECI ARMS you got a very happy costumer

Viola Cook, October 30, 2017, Amazon

Husband loves it, great deal for a quality item!

Mike, March 3, 2016, Optics Planet

I Have Seen And Felt Many Shoulder Holster's. When I ordered This One I Had No Thought (For The Money) That It Would Fit My Needs As Well As “It” Does. Comfort,Quality,& Cost. It Is A Great Value As Far As I See, And Would Recommend It For Any One Who Is Thinking, (Shoulder Holster)!

Caz, January 30, 2106, 2016, Optics Planet

Very comfortable. This is perfect for the Glock 26. It is cooler outside right now and this has become my favorite holster; will probably use hip holster in the summer. I typically wear a light sleeveless vest/jacket over it and it hides it very well. I wasnt sure how comfortable it would be but as i stated above it hangs perfectly – after i adjusted the size to fit me. Thinking about getting one for my Glock 21 but the 2- might be too heavy and bulky to work as well as this holster does with the 26.

Jay, May 5, 2018, Optics Planet

Fits my Sig 1911 perfectly. I'm 6'3″ and long in the torso so at full extention it's a hair shorter than I'd like it to be but that's part of being built like shrek. I would recommend it if you're looking for a quality holster at a good price.

Gunjunkie, August 19, 2017, Optics Planet

I ordered this for my Ruger pistols. It fits like a glove and is comfortable to wear. Will be used fall winter and spring . Impressed for price with the quality . Recommend it if you don't want to spend hundreds on one ..

Thunder, February 27, 2015, Optics Planet

Great quality, fit SR9 perfectly. Well made and wears well. This is a premium holster. The color is great and the finish is good with high quality leather. This product turned out to be much better than expected. This was a “best buy”.

Andre Woods, February 9, 2015, Amazon

Once you break it in, one does not know it's there. Perfect

Amazon Customer, October 21, 2017, Amazon

Just received this product. Saw all the YouTube vids but ordered anyway. Seems that they listened to every complaint and fixed every problem the old videos pointed out. This shoulder holster is very comfortable now and it only took me 10 min to adjust for me. I am 6'3″ 350 lbs and it is nice. Carrying a Browning hi power 9mm and I am comfortable wearing this everyday. Great holster for a big guy not wanting to carry iwd everyday.

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