Nylon Horizontal Shoulder Holster SLT

• Smooth nylon lining protects gun finish and aids in drawing and reholstering,
• Lightweight harnesses are easy to put on and take off,
• Laminated harness yokes have soft, non-abrasive, non-slip material on inside;
smooth, non-stick material on outside that won’t hang up clothing,
• Non-stretch retention straps and molded thumb breaks,
• Horizontal carry for a fast draw and light-weight comfort,
• Four way adjustment for a perfect fit,
• Harnesses adjust vertically on all four straps; also adjust horizontally between yokes,
• On-side and off-side tie-downs are adjustable and removable,
• Double magazine case,
• Fits all popular mid-large frame semi-autos,
• Ambidextrous, left or right handed.

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